Juicy’s Birthday Bash

Event Profile

Event Name: Cheap Trixxi Presents Juicy’s Birthday Bash

Event Type:  Multi-dancer live burlesque 

Location:  Big Wigs, 6008 W Lincoln Way, Ames, IA 50014 

Date:  November 19, 2022 

Showtime:  8:00pm – 9:30pm 

Call Time:  6:00pm 

Pay:  $75 plus tips per dancer for two dances 

Description:  It’s a belated birthday party for Juicy. The dancers are a bit ambivolent towards Juicy, but they’re happy for any reason to throw a party!

Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe:  Loads of flexibility – but ideally it’s fun, party themed (nothing too dark and disturbing…). Juicy’s color is orange – so the more orange the better.

We can help with HMW.

Dance:  No restrictions here either (other than those under “venue notes”). Just have fun with it!

Venue Notes:  The show is in a relatively small room with a small stage area. The venue does not allow the use of glitter, water or other liquids (including ‘blood’) as part of your performance. 

You are encouraged to arrive at the show with your makeup on. 

Show:  We’ll have a guest emcee for this show (Juicy will just watch the show). We have a few extras planned – cake, etc. The stage will have a birthday party vibe but nothing that will restrict you or what you want to use on stage.

Merchandise:  We will sell merchandise and will provide a staffed merchandise table.  You can bring merchandise of your own to sell and we will manage the sale of that merchandise for you.  If you plan to bring merchandise, please discuss with us ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.  Depending on size of items and quantity, we may have some limitations in merchandise we can display and sell for you.  Also, if you bring merchandise, please bring a sheet with your prices.

Marketing:  We will market this show in print and on social media and will provide each dancer with: 

  • Studio marketing images you can add to your portfolio and use for your own marketing and submissions (assumes you can attend prep meeting listed below) 
  • Marketing video clips (also shot at the prep day listed below) 
  • Images shot during your actual performance 
  • Video shot during your actual performance 
  • Behind-the-scenes photos shot the day of the show at the venue 

Music:  Use any music you want – but we’ll post a Juicy’s Wish List on the Facebook page. If you’re inspired to use one of those songs, awesome, if not, no problem at all!

Prep Meeting:  We would like all dancers to join us for a prep meeting at the location and time listed below.  At this meeting we will: 

  • Shoot marketing pictures of each dancer 
  • Shoot short video clips of each dancer 
  • Share and discuss show ideas, plans, wardrobe, etc. between staff and dancers 

You should plan to arrive at the prep meeting with your hair and makeup ready.  You are not required to have your wardrobe or your dance prepared for the prep day.  If you do, that’s fine and we will shoot you accordingly.  If not, we will adjust how we shoot you based on what you do have ready – and/or we will help provide you with suitable wardrobe to use for the purposes of the marketing imagery. 

For this event, we expect to shoot very short video clips of each dancer (doesn’t need to be your actual dance, just a few sexy moves)

The video for this event will be best if everyone participates, so we’ll work hard to get everyone to the prep meeting (and if the group agrees to a different date/time, that’s fine too).

Prep Meeting 

Sunday, October 23, 2022 – 1:00pm – 3:00pm 

World of Beauty Academy 

3409 SE 14th St.  Des Moines, IA 50320

Staff:  We will provide a show emcee, a director and staff to cover the jobs of tip kitten, stage kitten, merchandise maven, and admission.  Anyone attending the show with a dancer will need to purchase a ticket.  

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