The sky is the limit…

In addition to the senior picture, holiday photo sessions, recording sessions and parties you’re booking; the makeup and hair bookings, film, music and modeling auditions, construction & decorating in the studio, film editing, photo editing and staff meetings…here are a few other things we have going on between now and the end of the year…... Continue Reading →

Do Re Mi (and save some dough!)…

Here's the perfect chance to get yourself recorded!  If you're needing a basic vocal demo or just want a great recording of your voice - we can help!  This week's Wicked This Week deal is a 2 song vocal demo for $50 off.  You pick the songs, come into the studio to lay down your... Continue Reading →

Wicked This Week

We're excited about a new promotion we're kicking off next week called "Wicked This Week".  We'll be posting a new special deal every week starting on Monday, May 8, 2012.  The deals will vary between our various business lines ensuring everyone will find a bargain they can't resist!  These promotions will tie in nicely with... Continue Reading →

Sounds Good

We'll be busy working in the recording studio this week. We have four audio projects in the works. First we're in audio post production for the short film Lorne of the Flies. We have some additional audio clips to add and one more song to mix for that soundtrack. Second, we'll be recording drum tracks... Continue Reading →

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