Nebraska – you rock!

Thanks so much again to all of our Nebraska friends. Our Lincoln event was a huge success...and, as if that wasn't enough, our Omaha event is already about half sold out (and we haven't even started advertising it yet). We love Nebraska and, obviously, Nebraska loves pinup!

Lincoln is sold out!

Yea! It's official - just like Rochester, our Lincoln event just sold out! Now, in full disclosure, we did shorten our day in Lincoln on Sunday a bit because, well, we want to stop at the outlet mall on our way home.I know....I know, but c''mon, we deserve a shorter day and some shopping on... Continue Reading →

Busy Busy Busy

Our transition back to shooting and hosting events is going great! Rochester sold out - as of today, Lincoln has only two openings left and booking for sessions in Kansas City, Des Moines and Omaha are already off to a great start!Thanks so much to all of our friends and pinup fans around the Midwest... Continue Reading →

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