No More Sitting Around…

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All of us at Wicked agree we’ve been sitting around long enough!
We have been and continue to be supportive of our small business friends during the pandemic. We recognize we were fortunate in being able to sit it out until things got better, many weren’t so fortunate. Please continue supporting small businesses as they rebuild and recover!
As for us, we are putting the pieces in place to begin shooting again! Here’s our plan:
May – Marketing sessions
June – Online booking reopens
July – Open again for shooting sessions in our Des Moines studio
Then pinup events in…
Cedar Falls, IA – July
Peoria, IL – August
Kansas City, MO – September
Cedar Rapids, IA – October
Omaha, NE – November
Moline, IL – November
Minneapolis, MN – December
Obviously the plan is subject to change if things don’t open up as expected. We’ll keep you posted!
Now then, time to get back into shape. Anymore, standing for more than 5 minutes wears me out so I have some work to do before I can expect to shoot sessions all day…

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