Let’s Stay Wicked Healthy


All is well at Wicked (thankfully) but we realize many of our Wicked friends have concerns about COVID-19. When you shoot at our studio, it’s just you and our staff (and plenty of hand sanitizer!), so we feel comfortable continuing to book and shoot individual sessions here in Des Moines

However, in an effort to error on the side of caution, we’ve decided to postpone our planned upcoming pinup events in other cities. We’re doing this now, before we’ve actually opened booking, to avoid having to scramble with rescheduling or canceling closer to the events. Our event sessions still only involve a few people at a time, but they take place in hotels and civic centers so it makes sense to do our part and avoid those places for a while.

So feel free to continue booking sessions at our Des Moines studio, but for those of you in other cities, we’re going to ask you to wait a bit longer for our visits! Our plan is to revisit our travel schedule in early May and plan out new dates at that time.

Thanks so much, we’re looking forward to a great year that includes lots of fun, sexy pinup pictures!

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