Pinup Session Primer


Relax, we’ve got this!

Often first time pinup clients are a bit nervous. We promise, those butterflies will go away very quickly when your session gets started. We’re professionals – and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable, you look great and you have fun.

“Hello!  This is Traci from Wicked…”
Once you’ve booked your session, we’ll start our preparation with Traci (or Gracie) giving you a call a few weeks before your session. She’ll talk through hair, makeup and wardrobe with you and will talk with you about what you’re looking for in your session so we can be prepared.  She’ll also answer questions you have about what to bring, how to arrive (hair, makeup, clothing, etc.), the location we’re shooting at and so on.

You Wear It Well
When you arrive for your session, we’ll start you in wardrobe. We’ll have a nice selection of options for you to review and try on and we’ll work with you to pick the perfect items. Some clients go full ‘pinup,’ others mix in some boudoir or glamour looks. If you’d like your session to include nudes or implied nudes (something Traci would have discussed when she called you) we’ll plan that out during wardrobe as well.

What do you want to shoot at your session?  In some cases, we are limited by size and style of wardrobe and sets and props that we bring to events, so we can’t always shoot every type of look at every event, but we’ll always to our best to accommodate your wishes.   
In general, when we talk through your session with you, we’ll talk about the ‘looks’ you think you might be interested in.  That would include Pinup, Boudoir or Burlesque.  The images below give you an idea of the difference. 

We’ll also ask you whether or not you want to include implied nudity, partial nudity or full nudity in your session.  Implied nudity means you’re nude or partially nude, your rear end might show, but your breasts and bikini area would not show.

Partial nudity usually means you’re ok if your breasts show, but not your bikini area.  Full nudity, obviously then, means everything might show, although keep in mind all of our imagery is flattering and tasteful.  Below are some examples of implied nude images.

Pampering Time
Next we’ll move you to the ‘salon’ area to get your makeup and hair just right. We’ll match your hairstyle to your wardrobe selection to give you an overall authentic look.  Traci is a professional makeup artist and a Cosmetology and Esthetics instructor and she supervises all of our hair and makeup work (that’s why we get such great results!).

You’re A Model!
When hair and makeup is done, it’s time to shoot! We’ll coach you through your session helping you with posing, wardrobe adjustments and all the little details – so you can just relax and have fun.  As with hair and makeup, we’ve been doing this photography thing for decades.  We’ll make it easy for you!

10 to 14 days after your session, your edited images will be published.  We don’t just upload the raw pictures we shot, we select the best shots and painstakingly edit them to give them a classic pinup look (with a bit of our Wicked flair!).

All in all, you’ll have a blast.  We love what we do and we like to think that positive vibe is contagious at our sessions!

Questions?  Message us on Facebook and we’ll be happy to help all we can!


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