The sky is the limit…

In addition to the senior picture, holiday photo sessions, recording sessions and parties you’re booking; the makeup and hair bookings, film, music and modeling auditions, construction & decorating in the studio, film editing, photo editing and staff meetings…here are a few other things we have going on between now and the end of the year…

Nov 8 – Recording Session
Nov 10 – Wicked Hot Girls Sessions
Nov 11 – Wicked Hot Girls Sessions
Nov 15 – Recording Session
Nov 17 – Introduction To Modeling Workshop
Nov 24-25 – Documentary Film Shoot
Nov 29 – Recording Session
Dec 1 – Wicked Wear Photo Day
Dec 6 – Recording Session
Dec 7 – Wicked Photography Project
Dec 8 – Holiday Family Photo Day
Dec 9 – Entice Holiday Photo Day
Dec 13 – Recording Session
Dec 14 – Wicked Holiday Party
Dec 15 – Wicked Fun Party
Dec 16 – Wicked Hot Girls Sessions
Dec 20 – Recording Session
Dec 27 – Recording Session

But we promise – we’ll always make time for you!  Contact us to book your party, photo or recording session!

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