Wicked Holidays

The Holidays are upon us…what better way to celebrate than to book a fun, Wicked holiday session?  Book a full session, or swing by for one of our photo days to get some quick, fun shots done – either way you’ll have your pix back in time for Christmas.  Watch for more details and dates…


The sky is the limit…

In addition to the senior picture, holiday photo sessions, recording sessions and parties you’re booking; the makeup and hair bookings, film, music and modeling auditions, construction & decorating in the studio, film editing, photo editing and staff meetings…here are a few other things we have going on between now and the end of the year…

Nov 8 – Recording Session
Nov 10 – Wicked Hot Girls Sessions
Nov 11 – Wicked Hot Girls Sessions
Nov 15 – Recording Session
Nov 17 – Introduction To Modeling Workshop
Nov 24-25 – Documentary Film Shoot
Nov 29 – Recording Session
Dec 1 – Wicked Wear Photo Day
Dec 6 – Recording Session
Dec 7 – Wicked Photography Project
Dec 8 – Holiday Family Photo Day
Dec 9 – Entice Holiday Photo Day
Dec 13 – Recording Session
Dec 14 – Wicked Holiday Party
Dec 15 – Wicked Fun Party
Dec 16 – Wicked Hot Girls Sessions
Dec 20 – Recording Session
Dec 27 – Recording Session

But we promise – we’ll always make time for you!  Contact us to book your party, photo or recording session!

Attention future super models!

Hey! Our last modeling workshop was a huge success (and sold out!). Here’s your chance to get involved. These are fun, interactive workshops. When you register, you can also add a Model Portfolio photo session for $100 – that’s a huge savings and a great way to get your portfolio off to a great start. Click here to register.