Primitive Filmworks Casting Call – The End of the World

Casting Call 

Production Title: The End of the World

Production Type:  Short film

Expected Release:  September 2012

Expected Shoot Dates:  August 2012

Logline: Cory wakes up with his girlfriend Mandy to find that the world is going to end in about 30 minutes. He tries to calm Mandy while also trying to convince her that they should have sex at least one more time before the world ends. Andrea, a neighbor girl comes over and, upon learning that they’re all going to die soon and, at Cory’s urging, agrees to join the two of them in a final sexual adventure. But, seconds before this sexual adventure is going to start, the fate of the world takes a turn…

Comments: This is a simple, fun, quirky story. This film will include some adult language, mild sexual situations and language.  All cast members must be at least 18 years of age at the time of shooting.  This project is an updated version of a previously released short film and is being shot specifically for 2012 film festival consideration.

Compensation: These are all non-paying positions.

Distribution: 2012 – 2013 film festival entries and local release.


We are currently scheduling auditions for the following roles:

Cory; 20s. A good-looking, all around nice guy. He’s smart, but sometimes lets testosterone overcome his ability to think rationally.

Mandy; 20s. A slightly confused, cute girl. She’s emotional and a bit dramatic, but is also loving, giving, caring and not at all prepared for the impending end of humankind.

Andrea; 20s. Easy going, somewhat oblivious, fit receptionist/super-model-wanna-be.


If you are interested in auditioning for one of these roles:

Shooting for this short film will take place over the course of a single weekend in August 2012. Please ensure you will be available, or make us aware of any potential availability limitations prior to auditioning.

Please e-mail us at and send a picture and resume/bio (if you haven’t sent us one previously).

Crew;  If you are interested in working on this film as part of our crew, please contact us at

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and working with you!

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