Project…Wicked Model!


Interested in modeling?  This week we’re offering a great deal on our Introduction to Modeling workshop.  Register within the next week and you can bring a friend along for free (or, better yet, talk your friend into registering and YOU come along for free!).  You can also add a modeling portfolio session when you register and save even more money!  Hurry, register now – we keep these workshops small so we’re able to work individually with each model.  Register now!


Do Re Mi (and save some dough!)…


Here’s the perfect chance to get yourself recorded!  If you’re needing a basic vocal demo or just want a great recording of your voice – we can help!  This week’s Wicked This Week deal is a 2 song vocal demo for $50 off.  You pick the songs, come into the studio to lay down your vocal tracks…and you’ll have an awesome demo ready to share with the world.  This deal is only good for a week, so call now to schedule your session!

Death At the Pool


We’re hard at work planning our next big Entice Imagery photo shoot – Death At the Pool. This will a fun, quirky, mildly creepy shoot using 15 models and 10 MUAs and stylists. We’ll be partnering with a Cosmetology school to help staff the event. Get in touch with us if you’re interested….should be a blast!

Wicked Fun at a Wicked Price!


First of all, our Wicked Fun parties are an absolute blast!  Music, laughing, makeup, hair, nails…and, of course, lots of great, professional pictures!  Compared to other “parties” at salons, these parties are already a great deal at their regular price ($395 for the host and up to five guests)…but if you book your party this week, you save $100!  Plan a fun, Summer party and book it now for big, Wicked savings!  Go to Wicked This Week for more info…

Wicked Kids

Our Wicked This Week special this week will give you a chance to get some fun, unique pictures of your Wicked Kids!  If you book your session this week you’ll only pay $99 for our $195 Portrait Session – plus, you’ll get a free 10-page album.  More information at our Wicked This Week page.


Wicked This Week


We’re excited about a new promotion we’re kicking off next week called “Wicked This Week”.  We’ll be posting a new special deal every week starting on Monday, May 8, 2012.  The deals will vary between our various business lines ensuring everyone will find a bargain they can’t resist!  These promotions will tie in nicely with our Groupon and Living Social deals and will help raise awareness of the variety of creative things we do in our Wicked world.

We’ll be launching a new website dedicated to these weekly deals.  We’ll also post them on this blog, our Facebook page, our Google+ page and we’ll be sending out weekly emails to our client email list.  If you’re not on the list and want to be, email us at and let us know!