New Partnership

We’re very excited! We’ve worked out an agreement to partner with a local Cosmetology school for upcoming photography projects, workshops, films and fashion events. We’ll be providing hours for students, coordinating marketing and sponsorship efforts and supporting student recruiting efforts by facilitating events at the school for student prospects.

We expect events to kick off in June and begin meeting with students next week. We’re looking forward to a fun, fruitful and professional relationship that benefits our business lines, our customers, the school and, of course, the students!

Learn What You Love

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our last Professional Makeup For Photography workshop – we had a blast!  If you wanted to participate but weren’t able to, watch our schedule.  We’ll be offering this workshop again later in the year.  Meanwhile, our Beauty Bootcamp workshops have kicked off – five more weeks of fun and learning to go!

Well Worn

Wicked Wear kicked off this week selling our first batch of clothes.  We’re taking baby steps to get our processes down but have loads of great, unique clothing items and accessories we’ll be adding to our eBay store over the coming weeks and months.  We’re building out capacity to list, sell and ship as many as 2,000 items per month…so keep your credit card handy!


All full…

Good news and bad news (well, good news for us, bad news if you’re a procrastinator)…our Professional Makeup For Photography workshop is now officially full.  For some workshops we plan to allow up to 40 participants, but for others, hands on makeup workshops such as this one for example, we’re keeping the the participants at a manageable 12.  So, VERY sorry if you didn’t get registered in time – but, we are offering this workshop again in November, so keep your eyes and ears open for registration to open!


Sounds Good

We’ll be busy working in the recording studio this week. We have four audio projects in the works. First we’re in audio post production for the short film Lorne of the Flies. We have some additional audio clips to add and one more song to mix for that soundtrack.

Second, we’ll be recording drum tracks for four new songs for the Curve Titans. We’ll start adding more guitar tracks next week working towards a Memorial Day release.

Third, we’ll continue mixing demo tracks for local vocalist Celeste.

And finally, we’ll kick off demo recordings for Weird Science, a new local retro new wave band.

So, lots of rocking at Wicked Studios this week. Should be a blast!



Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave

Next week we’re kicking off a major project to build and/or revamp our collection of websites (15 total). We’re looking for a developer to help guide us through the process…not sure if we’ll end up with someone local or using a service we find online. Either way, looking forward to a challenging but fun project. We expect to begin launching the new sites in May.

Wet Rocked!

The Entice “Wet” session today rocked! All of the models and makeup artists did a great job. Such cool people to work with. Tomorrow…lots of clean up…it was a creative, but messy project… Here’s one quick shot from today…