Wet Wet Wet

Shooting a big Entice project tomorrow called "Wet" - eight models, four makeup artists, two assistants and lots of water.  Should be fun (and it's supposed to be 80 tomorrow in Des Moines...so the models should be reasonably comfortable!).  Now, I just have to figure out a way to keep the camera dry...


Off to Omaha tomorrow (through Sunday) for a mixture of work and fun.  We used to shoot a lot of weddings in Omaha (people didn't mind paying our travel expenses - although, granted, we travel cheap!), but haven't been back there in a couple of years.  Where should we eat?  Suggestions?  

Don’t Just Say “I do”…

Having shot hundreds of weddings over my lifetime, I have to tell you, most of them are quite boring (at least for the photographer!).  We stopped shooting weddings five years ago for that very reason.  We wanted to wait until we could put together a wedding package and approach that would really be fun and... Continue Reading →

Bold…and Wicked

Great Entice session yesterday - Bold B/W.  We worked with two great models - makeup and hair were perfect - great location, great lighting, great shots.  Thanks everybody!

Westward Ho…

We kicked off the Wicked West project this week.  In April we will officially open the salon portion of our studio for outside customers.  We'll offer a wide range of salon services (hair, treatments, makeup, spray tan, etc.) and naturally, we'll be better and less expensive than everyone else  ; )  We'll let you know... Continue Reading →

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