Wickeducate Yourself!

This week we published our workshop schedule for the first half of 2012.  Based on requests from potential attendees, we're focusing on makeup and modeling in this first group of workshops.  We added workshops in Kansas City and Minneapolis this Spring and Summer as well.  Read up on the workshops...then sign up!  They'll be fun... Continue Reading →

We’re Still Working – Have Faith!

We're still working on Finding Faith - the feature film we shot last year.  We ran into some significant technical issues late in 2011 (which included loss of a considerable amount of data...which was, thankfully, backed up).  We're working on it though.  Great work - all of the cast and crew.  We're setting up a... Continue Reading →

How Do I Love Thee?

We're finishing up Entice Valentine's sessions for 2012 this week.  Fun, sexy, creative...mildly exhausting...  Lots of print orders to rush through (obviously won't make it here by Valentine's Day...but customers knew that) and a few calendars left to order.  Next year we're going to push our Valentine's Video shoots - tell your significant other you... Continue Reading →

Wicked Valentines

Parties rock!  We had a blast at the Wicked Valentine's party last night.  Lots of dancing, pictures and, I believe a cupcake ended up in someone's face.  Now it's back to work...

She Blinded Me With Science

Posted a new casting call today for a 80s "New Wave" musical show.  We'll be looking for musicians and technical people.  We'll be holding auditions into April (lots of lead time, we're expecting a long search!) and plan to have the project up and running by June.  Put on your Flock of Seagulls wig and... Continue Reading →

I Hate the Giants

There. I said it. I was not a happy camper yesterday. But...we have a weekend of Wicked  fun parties coming up and that makes me much happier! Besides...there's always next season (go Redskins!).

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