Coming Unwired at Wired III

We shot Wired III yesterday for Entice. Thanks to an awesome group of models, MUAs and assistants! What a bunch of troopers! Fun, creative, interesting and probably (for the models) slightly painful... Wired IV coming up in April.

Teen Dream Time!

We had a great time hosting a Wicked Teen Dream Party yesterday.  Thanks to our guests - hopefully the music wasn't too loud.  I'm a die-hard rock and roll fan, but I have to admit, Ke$ha is growing on me (or else I'm getting brainwashed at all of these parties!).

Valentine’s Sessions

We're busy shooting Entice Valentine's shoots.  Here's a quick pick from last night's Calendar shoot.  Non-stop fun and excitement here at Wicked Studios!

Entice Shoot Tonight

Calendar shoot tonight for Entice - should be a blast!  We're busy editing shots from our Entice Valentine's sessions.  What a great gift for your significant other (or, possibly, a less than significant other!).

Hello world!

Here it is - the official blog of our Wicked World.  We'll regularly post tidbits about all of our fun Wicked adventures including photography, film, music, parties, style and more.  Welcome...and we're glad you've finally gone wicked!

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